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Best Christmas Blowjob Ever – Thanks Gerri

Week of 15th December
I came into the studio today and was suprised by a large colorfully wrapped Christmas present. Then suddenly the present popped open and it was the lovely Gerri all dressed up in holiay clothes. She tells me that the members of the site had shipped her as a present for me. So of course, I did you guys proud and slid my hard cock through her gorgeous mouth and down her throat. Then I fucked her silly and dumped a couple huge loads down her throat. Thanks guys she is the best Christmas present anybody could ask for.
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Gerri Does a SpermCam Update

Week of 8th September
Gerri returns and she brought her amazing ass with her. She brought her new video camera with her and she wants to show me how it works. I tell her I have a better way to test out this little HD video camera. We’ll do a SpermCam shoot. For those of you who don’t know what a SpermCam shoot is, I will fill you in. The SpermCam is an extreme close up camera located just inside a model’s mouth that gets a unique view during a cum eruption on the model’s tongue. Gerri takes two big loads while testing out her new camera. Another hot Gerri update, she always delivers.
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