About Amateur Allure Gallery

Amateur Allure Gallery.com is a completely free website that lists a collection of all the recent updates to Amateur Allure.com, an oral sex, blowjob and swallowing adult web site founded in 2000. As the site is built eventually it will include a searchable database of every Allure girl.

Amateur Allure.com contains over 600 scenes that focus on blowjobs, swallowing and oral sex; starring just over 100 different amateur girls shot between the year 2000 and now. All the updates on the site since mid 2004 have been shot in high definition video, and constitute some of the finest porn available on the internet.

Prior to 2007 Amateur Allure.com videos were only available in Quicktime, but recent advances in Windows Media have made it a viable alternative and all the updates from the hi-def period of Amateur Allure.com will be released in WMV as well as Quicktime.

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