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Blonde Teen With An Incredible Mouth Swallows Her First Cum Shot

Welcome Alyssa Branch to Amateur Allure. She is 18 years old, has golden blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. Her nickname is The Mouth, can you guess why? She is new to the adult biz but she has a mouth that could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch but she is going to perform her first on camera cum swallow. She attacks my cock with an insatiable appetite and doesn’t stop until she gets her prize. I drop a huge load into her mouth and she swallows it down. She loved it.
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Alyssa’s First Time Sucking Cock on Camera

Alyssa is 18 years old, and has an enormous 38DD chest. This is Alyssa’s first scene ever. She has never been naughty on camera before. She has a lot to learn, so I give her some pointers. She does her best swallowing my member and I shoot a big load into her waiting mouth. I have her start sucking my cock again for her second load. Practice makes perfect. This time, she finishes by giving me a handjob and licking the cum off my balls and slurping it into her mouth. She did well. I may have to get her back for some advanced training.
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